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Our Solutions

Navigate complex logistics market with janio onboarding and managing logistics partners for you, to ensure you enter any markets seamlessly and delight customers.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

With our comprehensive logistics management, you can enhance operational efficiency, reduce risks, and achieve greater customer satisfaction, all while gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic global market.

eCommerce Logistics

We integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovative supply chain shipping solutions to provide end-to-end visibility, ensuring accurate tracking, real-time updates, and proactive problem-solving.

Freight Forwarding Solutions

We specialise in managing the complexities of global supply chain and logistics. Our solutions are designed to streamline the movement of goods across borders, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.

Manage Your Supply Chain Effortlessly

See how Janio can help you manage, simplify and manage your day-to-day operations better

Why Janio

Focus on core business functions while increasing distribution velocity with our network of trusted partners, providing customised and competitive services based on your requirements.

Cost-Effective Global Market Entry

Get the most competitive rates for your specific logistics needs with our best-in-class delivery partners across the region.

Efficient Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Reduce administrative and IT burden while we deliver the same control and results that you expect of your internal supply chain team with Janio as your supply chain team extension.

Data-Driven Customer Experiences

Gain real-time visibility and actionable insights to ensure a superior customer experience via our future-ready delivery products and processes.

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Our Innovative Solutions

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"Janio has market knowledge and entities across most of the Asian countries, which includes Bukalapak's target markets. Bukalapak benefited a lot from Janio's network and gave us a more local view on how to do business in different countries"

Hou Shyan Sam
Cross-border Partnership Manager, Bukalapak
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"With Janio taking care of our logistics needs, we can focus on growing faster and expanding our ecosystem for these niche brands to grow together"

Alvin Loh
Head of Operations, Sift & Pick

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