Exceptional Delivery Experience

Enjoy a smooth supply chain flow with minimised delays, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved overall supply chain performance.

Stay On Top of Your Game with Real-Time Operations Insights

Accurate Estimated Delivery Date

Deliver exceptional customer experience by providing precise delivery estimates based on detailed zone-level breakdowns, allowing you to effectively manage customer expectations and ensure a seamless delivery process.

Proactive Communication

Enhance your customer experience by keeping them informed throughout the delivery process, especially regarding any delays. We also assist in proactively providing solutions to help restore customer confidence and retain them.

Uninterrupted Operational Efficiency

Resolve any supply chain disruptions faster and minimise the impact to maintain your overall operational efficiency by proactively identifying and addressing exceptions as and when they arise with our robust early warning system.

How Does It Work?

Early Warning System

We have a predefined risk matrix applied to all delivery parcels, which predicts the possibility of getting lost.

The system will flag out any potential disruptions which allows you to mitigate it early and manage your customers expectations.

Identify and Resolve Exceptions

With in-depth visibility into the parcel exception state, we can help to provide the necessary support or information required in order to resume the shipping journey.

For example, providing the correct address before attempting redelivery.

Failed Delivery Management

Efficiently manage failed deliveries with Janio's flexible solutions. Customise your preferred actions for failed deliveries, such as direct or consolidated returns, re-attempt delivery or choose disposal options, providing you with full control over the handling of failed deliveries.

Damaged Parcel Management

We closely monitor your parcels in transit to quickly detect signs of damage or mishandling, allowing us to quickly initiate the resolution process and reduce the impact on your supply chain.

We handle all communication, documentation, and claims management, ensuring you receive fair compensation or replacements.

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