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Inadequate tracking across multiple logistics providers?

Let's change that.

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Simplify Your Entire Post-purchase Operations

Hello to the new efficient way of managing multiple logistic providers and end-to-end logistic needs

Market Entry

Maximise market entry success with local expertise.
Tailored go-to-market strategy
Gain local insights and expertise
Elevate with industry best practices

Service Procurement

One touchpoint. Unlock global logistic providers.
Single unified integration
Save time and resources
Multiple providers comparison

Vendor Selection

Smart logistics providers allocation via single contract and API integration.
Multiple providers, diversify risk
Standardised process
Streamlined communication

Vendor Management

Standardised workflow for multiple logistics providers.
Data-driven decision-making
Proactive risk management
Improved delivery performance

Returns Management

Streamlined reserve logistics process with your customer in mind.
Cost effective
Streamlined reverse logistics
Positive brand image

Shipment Analytics

Predictive analytics with full visibility across multiple logistics providers.
Data-driven decisions
Proactive risk management
Improved delivery performance

Aging Order Management

Identify aging orders & potential risk with data-driven insights.
Optimise deliveries, minimise aging
Predictive risk management
Proactive exception handling

Failed Delivery Management

Proactive measures to minimise losses and improve customer satisfaction.
Real-time tracking
Efficient re-routing
Pre-emptive strategy

Claims & Billing Management

Automated processes for accuracy and timeliness.
Operational continuity
Transparency and compliance
Eliminate financial discrepancies

Built to Supercharge Your Logistics Operations

Unlocking post-purchase logistics excellence with our comprehensive capabilities


Air Freight

Ocean Freight

Road Freight

Expand your international presence with precision and speed

From precise shipment planning to seamless coordination with airlines, forwarders and customs, our international freight solutions provide end-to-end visibility and support.

Explore Freight




International and domestic solutions for swift and secure shipment handling

Millions of ways to ship, one integrated solution that fits your goals and ensures seamless cross-border logistics.

Explore Fulfilment





Fast & reliable delivery services to over 100 countries and territories

Swift courier and delivery services where speed meets reliability in every shipment, every time.

Explore Courier


Door-step Pickup

Drop-off Points

Seamless reverse logistics process with your cost and customers in mind

Automated processes enable brands to handle returns effectively while retaining customer satisfaction with the convenience and flexibility of shipping back their items.

Explore Returns

PickUp & Drop-Off (PUDO)

Parcel Collection

Merchant Drop-off

Sustainable last-mile solution for managing delivery and returned parcels

Elevate retail logistics with our eco-friendly Pickup & Drop-off Point solution. Eliminate delivery woes, save costs, and delight customers.

Explore PUDO

Retail Store Replenishment

Unify in-store replenishment and delight your customers with better availability

Automated and demand-driven replenishment system enables optimising inventory levels to meet service level targets while minimising inventory costs

Explore Retail Store Replenishment

Customs Clearance

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)

Faster customs clearance time, reduced delays and improved compliance

Ensures the smooth and compliant import or export of goods, expertly navigating regulatory complexities to expedite shipments and minimise delays for your business.

Explore Customs Clearance


Automated claims and secure parcels: Your peace of mind assurance.

Empower retail businesses to efficiently process claims and safeguard parcels, ensuring peace of mind in cases of damage or loss.

Explore SwiftClaim

White-Label Tracking

Your parcel, your branding, every step tracked

Customisable tracking platform that empowers businesses to offer real-time parcel-tracking with seamless experience at every milestone.

Explore White-Label Tracking

Optimisation Delivers Better Bottom Line

Streamline your existing workflow, empower your teams to excel and delight your customers

"Janio has been our strength in delivering our customer promise, their flexible and accommodating approach has proven invaluable in shaping solutions for any ad-hoc situations that arise. Continue with the excellent support!"

Mohd Alfie Bin Halit
Logistics Operations Manager, ESW

"With Janio taking care of our logistics needs, we can focus on growing faster and expanding our ecosystem for these niche brands to grow together"

Alvin Loh
Head of Operations, Sift & Pick

"Janio has market knowledge and entities across most of the Asian countries, which includes Bukalapak's target markets. Bukalapak benefited a lot from Janio's network and gave us a more local view on how to do business in different countries"

Hou Shyan Sam
Cross-border Partnership Manager, Bukalapak

"Janio is the top-class performer in the market, supported by its innovative leadership, productive operations, effective customer service, and aggressive business growth."

Sean Lee
Logistics Solutions Specialist, ESW

"From ensuring timely deliveries to managing complex supply chain challenges, Janio has gone beyond and above our expectations. Their commitment to excellence has played an instrumental role in the growth and success of our business."

Jason Tan
Founder, JapFreak

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