The Philippines: eCommerce Trends & International Shipping Guide

Discover the driving factors behind online shopping in the Philippines and explore other eCommerce trends to participate in the market.

Unlocking the Philippines' Ecommerce Potential: Insights and Shipping Strategies

With a 71% internet penetration rate and its users plugged in ten hours and two minutes a day on average, the Philippines’s eCommerce industry stands out as an exciting market for any international eCommerce merchant.

Find out what makes Philippines’s online shoppers tick along with other eCommerce trends to get in on the action.

Not sure how to get your products into the Philippines? This guide contains tips on how you can internationally deliver your items into the Philippines, from how to choose your logistics provider to clearing Philippine customs.

Discover the Philippines' eCommerce trends & international shipping tips:

  • Key information on the Philippine’s eCommerce market
  • Profiles of the Philippine’s online shoppers
  • Top product categories and hottest sales events
  • And more!

  • How to ship internationally into the Philippines
  • Tips on the Philippine’s customs clearance
  • Common eCommerce payment methods in the Philippines

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