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Customers are increasingly looking at returns policies when choosing whether they’ll check out their cart, so getting returns right is imperative – both policy and process-wise.

Great returns experiences lead to loyal customers

Nearly 73 per cent of online shoppers around the world said that the returns experience affects their likelihood of buying again from a retailer. With eCommerce experiencing a huge upsurge in Southeast Asia due to recent events, it seems that online sales will continue to be the main sales channel for the coming months.

Give your online business an edge with the latest global statistics on:

Allowing your customers the freedom to choose between pick ups from home and drop offs

  • Why consumers return their shipments
  • Consumer preferences for returns

46 per cent of consumers prefer home pick ups for return shipments

  • Returns Policy Best Practices; and
  • How you can strike a balance between providing a great returns experience and your bottom line

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