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Employee Spotlight: Puspavalli Chinasamy, Local Customer Service

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Published on
October 19, 2022
Updated on
June 20, 2023
Being a parent is not easy but I have a very good support system. I am grateful to have my parents and my family taking care of my son. I make sure to have dinner time with my family after work. I feel that it is very important to catch up on things. I also make sure I have the time to recharge so I can take care of my family and be at my best at work.
– Puspavalli Chinasamy

Puspavalli Chinasamy works in the customer service function for Janio Malaysia. She works closely with the operations team in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Puspavalli’s daily tasks involve managing and providing resolutions to clients regarding their shipment enquiries. Being in customer service, she emphasises how important it is to find a balance between empathizing with customers and handling any dissatisfaction analytically. Puspavalli describes how having a mindset of accountability, both in life and at work, allows us to do things better and make the right decisions.

Puspavalli mentioned it is interesting to work with a global team. She was able to learn how each country works, the regulations and restrictions. Through this, she’s able to manage and help clients better. Puspavalli highlighted that at times it can get challenging but she’s able to manage by being resourceful and proactive.

Puspavalli has a son and shared that being a working mom is not easy. But she was able to pursue her career because of a good support system, especially from her parents. She makes time to catch up with her family during dinners or spend quality time during the weekends. Puspavalli enjoys cleaning and decorating the house, watching movies and reading books. She encourages setting time for self-care so you could take care of others and put your best foot forward.

Getting to know Puspavalli:
Q. What’s a typical day like for you?
A: In my role as local customer service, I manage and provide resolution to all our clients in their daily enquiries for all inbound and outbound shipments. I work very closely with the operations team in Malaysia and also with Singapore and Indonesia. I also support our regional customer service team by providing reports to clients on the status and progression of their shipments.

It is very crucial to provide accurate information on the order status and delivery timeline. Also, handling dissatisfaction requires me to think out of the box and provide the best solutions to our clients. While making sure to maintain a good relationship with them. Sometimes it makes me feel like Wonder Woman when I resolve an issue and the clients are satisfied and happy.

Q. Can you share what it’s like working with a global team?
A. I have a very cool team that I work with every day and these people around me keep me moving forward. It is very interesting to work with the global team. I am able to understand how each country’s team works with certain restrictions and roadblocks. I have learned how to better manage our clients by providing resolutions or advising them prior to shipping out any items.

At times, things can be challenging with a global team. Communication can get difficult but I would take it as a learning experience and manage it by being proactive and resourceful.

Q. Do you have any advice for someone interested in this field?
A. Being in customer service, you have to take all complaints seriously but don’t take them personally. I understand that people say things out of frustration, and I would be too if I were in their shoes. So I always try my best to resolve any problems in an analytical way and as quickly as I can.

Another thing I strongly advise is to have accountability—be it in life or our work. If we are accountable, we try harder and do things better. It also allows us to make the right decision and ensure our clients will always keep their trust and make sure operations run smoothly.

Q. How do you manage your time as a working parent?
A. Before joining Janio, I had 20 years of customer experience in the hotel and banking industry. I had to work shifts there and it was tough as I was a parent. In Janio, it is more balanced and I have more time to spend with my family, especially my 16-year-old son.

Being a parent is not easy but I have a very good support system. I am grateful to have my parents and my family taking care of my son, especially my mum.

I make sure to have dinner time with my family after work. I feel that is very important to have. We usually talk or watch tv together—making sure to catch up on things with my son. During the weekends, we usually dine out or even go for walks to get his favourite bubble tea and talk about life. My son also loves horse riding, I take him to Serdang—it has a very nice view and is on top of a hill. I normally go together with my family and my little nephew as well.

Q. What hobbies or activities do you look forward to on the weekends or after work?
A. I love swimming and reading novels to unwind after work. I read various books from horror, romance, and parenting guide. During the weekends, if I’m not hanging out with my family I like to watch movies on Netflix. I also love cleaning and decorating the house, it helps me to relax. I make sure I have the time to recharge so I can take care of my family and be at my best at work.

I am also taking up Mandarin lessons for about seven months now. It has been a lifelong interest of mine. I also have a couple of friends who speak Mandarin, and I feel I can bond with them closely by learning their language. Plus, this will be useful in my role as a customer service since I deal with Chinese-speaking customers. I can speak with them more comfortably.

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