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From Supply Chain to Social Change: Overview of Singapore's Migrant Workforce

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Employer Branding
Published on
November 10, 2023
Updated on
November 29, 2023

Singapore, celebrated for its economic success and rich cultural diversity, has also been a welcoming home to a substantial migrant worker community. Were you aware that Singapore is home to 1.4 million migrant workers?

The migrant workforce in Singapore is diverse, often coming from various countries in search of better opportunities. They encompass professionals, domestic helpers, and labourers across various industries, such as manufacturing, marine, process and construction. 

However, a distinct divide exists within this diverse group – a divide that separates the higher-skilled and higher-income individuals from their lower-tier counterparts. The latter are the ones often overlooked and require our focused attention and support. As of June 2023, there are approximately 714,500 migrant workers who fall under the lower-tier category, mainly in the domestic helper, construction, marine shipyard, and processing industries.

These migrant workers play a crucial role in building our nation by taking on lower-end jobs here in Singapore, which in turn, empowers the majority of Singaporeans to pursue PMET jobs. This not only facilitates an innovation-focused economy, but it also has been helping Singapore to remain competitive in certain sectors.

Our team in Janio also consists of a diverse group, with 35% of our workforce being migrant workers in both the professional and blue-collar groups. They come from countries such as Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

In our daily lives, we frequently encounter hard-working blue-collar migrant workers, many of whom share a common thread with some of us – the pursuit of better opportunities far from our own homes.

The migrant worker community has contributed significantly to Singapore's growth over the years, deserving recognition and support. This is why we are actively looking into ways we can help contribute to supporting migrant workers’ welfare here in Singapore, as without their contribution in shaping Singapore’s landscape, we would not have the privilege of enjoying certain things that we often take for granted.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the migrant workforce for their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to Singapore. Their hard work and resilience have been instrumental in shaping the vibrant and dynamic nation we are today. We look forward to a brighter future ahead, hand in hand!

1 MOM Singapore, as of June, 2023