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Senthil shares Insights on Digitization and its Effects on The Supply Chain during "How Digital Transformation Is Shaping the Retail Supply Chain” Panel Discussion

Written by
Sherra Tan
Published on
December 14, 2021
Updated on
June 20, 2023
(Clockwise from top left: Slowear’s Luca Berga, Board International’s David Food, Janio’s Senthil Kumar, Retail Asia’s Simon Hyett, Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Limited’s Fai Leung)

Thursday, 9th December, 2021 – Janio’s Group Head of Commercial, Senthil Kumar, spoke on the “How Digital Transformation is Shaping the Retail Supply Chain” webinar, jointly organized by Retail Asia and Board International. As digitization in supply chains continues to accelerate and influence companies’ business strategies, the virtual event was organized with the aim of educating retailers on how to effectively manage complexities amidst operational transformations and help them to discover opportunities in this era of digital acceleration.

Moderated by Simon Hyett from Retail Asia, Senthil along with the other keynote speakers David Food – Board International’s Head of Supply Chain Marketing,  Luca Berga – Slowear’s Merchandising Director and Fai Leung – Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Limited’s Associate Director of Omni Channel Business Integration, shared their views on supply chain and logistics solutioning with the advent of digital transformation.

During the discussion, Senthil mentioned that having a flexible supply chain with multivariate options can help a business to be nimble and adapt quickly to changing circumstances and that employing technology as a tool to simplify and diversify risk might be the way forward for a more adaptive business. To add on, Fai Leung also spoke about the rising importance of having a robust returns solution in this digitally-savvy era to elevate the experience for customers.

Senthil also talked about how digitization is no longer an option but rather, increasingly becoming a requirement for companies all over the world. The handshake processes across departments increasingly becomes a priority for businesses to facilitate consistent data transfer across systems.

Senthil concluded with a closing statement reiterating his point about how being reflexive in thinking and processes is paramount in the face of digitization and that businesses should expect to be disrupted at any point. To stay abreast of the changes, companies should design an effective strategy that works for itself after a holistic review of its structure and business model. Additionally, seeking a company that can help piece together disaggregated nodes of logistics with tech-centric solutioning can also help businesses to brace themselves for inadvertent changes.

Janio would like to thank Retail Asia and Board International for the opportunity to participate in this virtual initiative and are looking forward to future collaborations and events. If you’ve missed the webinar, check out a video replay of it here!