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Introducing Janio's B2B Merchant Portal

Written by
Benedict Leong
Published on
September 9, 2020
Updated on
June 20, 2023

Needing to constantly call your shipping partners for status updates on your shipments can be stressful and time-consuming. We know this pain all too well and when we were designing our B2B merchant portal, transparency, accessibility and ease of use for users were always kept in mind.

This will be the first of many updates regarding how our merchant portal works – kicking off with our portal’s monitoring and tracking capabilities.

Shipment Monitoring

1. All your B2B shipment statuses in one place:

Get a regularly updated overview of all your current B2B shipments in one place with our shipment monitoring landing page seen above.

2. Checking Shipment Details

The report also lets you see details of your shipments – such as freight modes, addresses and statuses.

3. Access All the Shipment’s Documents in One Place

Tracking Shipment Statuses

1. Status Tracking and Shipment History

The portal helps track current shipment statuses and also provides a shipment history timeline.

2. Email Updates and Email Update Subscription

Delivery updates are not limited to the platform itself - you can get these updates emailed to you and your colleagues.

You won’t need to wait for assistance from us to get these updates as you can subscribe multiple email addresses at once right on the platform itself.

3. Direct Chat With a Janio Representative

You can chat with our Janio representatives directly on the shipment status tracker itself - letting you get help directly on the shipment itself.

We also provide email notifications for responses for the shipment chat, ensuring that you won’t need to stand by at the chat window for your response.

Interested in trying out a demo of our B2B merchant portal? If you're already shipping with Janio, you can indicate your interest with our account managers. If not, you can reach out to us via the button below:

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