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Janio Insider: The Women Who Inspire Us

As we enter International Women’s month in March, we would like to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the women who inspire us.
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March 8, 2023

As we enter International Women’s month in March, we would like to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the women who inspire us. We went around our offices and got our colleagues to share with us about the women who have made a positive impact in their lives, and here’s what they have to say:

Who is one of the most inspiring women in your life, and why?

Sajjaporn and her mom

This is what I learned from my mother: being a strong woman means being someone who can stand on her own, and be self-dependent. And doing what we fear most, will help us find our worth.
– Sajjaporn Phathong, Customer Service Lead, TH

My mother is a woman that inspires me. Since I was a child, she has done everything for me and showered me with unconditional love. She is also supportive of me and I can talk about anything and everything with her.
– Siripong Ketwongkot, Operations Lead, TH

The woman who plays a major role in my life is my late grandmother. She taught us to be humble and hardworking. Her love language is food, so she is always making sure we are well-fed. She is wonderful in so many ways.
– Patrina Koh, Associate Manager, People Operations, SG

If I could share any stories about amazing women, I think there’s only 1 person that comes to my mind and it would be my mother. But looking back at our difficult times during the pandemic, I noticed there are so many brave, amazing, and inspiring women in our office. We would not be able to have any achievements without their support and hard work. Imagine having to work and also having to take care of so many things at home. Not to mention working from home which can be challenging. I know mothers who need to work but also need to take care of their babies, imagine joining a meeting in the middle of preparing food for your kids, taking care of your family, and taking care of your own health.

Despite all the challenges and difficult times, none of you gave up and still strive to give your best for everyone. It is not easy to be a woman but the way you all have faced all the difficulties and been raised high in life is truly commendable.

So, this day belongs to all superwomen out there. May you prosper and stand to affirm in the course of life. Happy International Women’s Day!!
– Resty Adelyn, Senior Finance Executive, ID

Najwa Shihab is one of the women who really inspire me. She has so many great qualities which I admire so much. But the one that I admire most is her courage. She always speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in. She is not afraid to ask tough questions or challenge powerful individuals, even when it’s not easy or a popular thing to do. She also uses her platform to give voice to the voiceless and highlight social injustices that happened in Indonesia. Her work is a reminder that journalism can be a force for positive change in society.
– Nurul Setiawan, People Operations Partner, ID

My grandmother has had a great influence on me. She made me understand that life is not two-dimensional, but three-dimensional. The way life unfolds to you changes as we look at it from different perspectives.
– Milly Yan, People Operations Partner, GCN

The first cry in life, the first fall, every laughter, every setback, cannot be separated from the mother’s care and company, let us be devout and happy, this person is my mother.
– Linn Liao, Indoor Sales Support, GCN

My mum has the most profound influence on me. She’s the one who taught me to be brave and to face troubles without fear. I am who I am today because of her. I wish her health and happiness forever.
– Chris Ma, Operations Assistant, GCN

Lady Xian Tai was a hometown character, and she was called the first heroine by Premier Zhou Enlai of China. She was a famous figure in the Sui Dynasty in ancient China, who effectively safeguarded national unity and ethnic unity. Even in modern times, the local people still speak of her deeds and set up ancestral temples in memory of her.
– Jack Hu, Regional Customer Agent, GCN

It must be my dear mother who has had the greatest impact on me. She is a very strong person, and ever since I became a mother, I can understand her more thoroughly. I love my Mom.
– Jessie Qiu, Client Support Executive, GCN

My mother spends all her heart and soul on educating us. Teaching us how to behave, so that we can understand that sharing, being responsible and optimism are the greatest wealth in life. Even though there are thousands of words, the summary is that I love my mother.
– Limy Liang, Client Support Executive, GCN

I want to share with you about the woman who inspires me a lot and she is my mom. A woman who is gentle, and kind. and always keeps a positive attitude. She works hard and enjoys life. No matter what happens, she is strong. Every mom is great. We should be positive and strong.
– Vivi Li, Regional Customer Agent, GCN

Below is why I chose to write about Mom. My mom is just a normal person, but she gave me life, raised me, and also taught me to be kind and brave. As she grows old throughout the years, she will always be the most beautiful woman in my eyes.
– Sue Su, Regional Customer Agent, GCN

Dong Qing is a famous compère. She reads a lot of books, listening to her talk is very comforting, the focus is very clear, and more people should listen to her. Dong Qing is a flexible use of dialectical materialism, she has a one of a kind of oriental female temperament beauty, which is different from the West.
– Crystal Li, Network Operations Manager, GCN

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