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Janio Partners with PCP Express Enabling Indonesian SMEs to Ship across Southeast Asia

Written by
Benedict Leong
Published on
October 28, 2020
Updated on
June 19, 2023

Jakarta, 20th Oct 2020 - Janio is officially partnering with Indonesia’s PCP express to help Indonesian SMEs more easily ship their products throughout Southeast Asia.

Starting this October 2020, Janio Asia will provide logistics services to all Indonesian SMEs who are looking to ship overseas via the PCP Express branches throughout Indonesia from Aceh to Jayapura. This initiative will be rolled out in five regional zones in Indonesia.

"We believe this cooperation will open new opportunities for SMEs to expand their market share to foreign countries," said Dennis Soemarno, CEO of PCP Express in a press release, on Tuesday 20th October.

Since its founding in 1999, PCP Express currently serves more than 500 companies with 200 pick-up service locations throughout Indonesia. The logistics strength of PCP Express in the domestic market will be further benefited by Janio Asia logistics solutions in the regional market.

Janio’s collaboration with PCP Express helps provide an integrated logistics solution for SMEs from international shipping, customs clearance, regional warehousing, to last-mile delivery and cash on delivery services in Singapore and Malaysia. Janio's network currently includes 75 trade routes in 15 countries.

During the rollout’s early stages, Janio Asia and PCP Express will serve SMEs based in Zone 1 and Zone 2 which includes 13 major cities, such as Jabodetabek.

You can find the original press release (Indonesian language) on