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Janio's Participation in the LogiSYM Asia Pacific Conference 2022!

Written by
Sherra Tan
Published on
June 2, 2022
Updated on
June 20, 2023

Tuesday/Wednesday, 24-25th May 2022 – Janio was invited to speak at LogiSYM’s Asia Pacific 2022 hybrid conference held both in-person at Grand Copthorne Waterfront in Singapore and livestreamed virtually.

Organised by LogiSYM and supported by conference partners like ParcelMonitor, Yojee, Starburst and more, the 2-day conference revolved around the overall theme of ‘Transforming Logistics, Intralogistics & the Supply Chain as we Emerge into the New Normal”.

The conference agenda was curated with the aim of addressing the changes in supply chain and logistics due to COVID-19 where insights and solutions related to the broad theme were shared during keynote sessions, panel discussions and presentations held throughout the event.

(From left to right:  Parcel Perform’s Dr. Arne Jeroschewski, Decathlon Singapore’s Panmeline Liew, Janio Asia’s Senthil Kumar, ARC Advisory Group’s Bob Gill.)

On the second day of the conference, Janio’s Group Head of Commercial, Senthil Kumar, participated as a panelist in the panel discussion titled “Innovation in the Last Mile and Beyond “. Alongside other experts in the eCommerce logistics space like Dr. Arne Jeroschewski from Parcel Perform, Bob Gill from ARC Advisory Group and Panmeline Liew from Decathlon Singapore, Senthil shared his industry knowledge pertaining to how the eCommerce process has transformed over time due to disruptive innovations and how companies can stay abreast of and maintain relevance amidst these changes.

During the panel discussion, panelists spoke more about the “Last Mile Problem” and its implications on their respective organizations. Panmeline shared that it has become increasingly important that parcels ordered by customers are delivered in the right quantity, quality at the right place and time now more than ever. Agreeing with this point, Senthil added that errors in the upstream data field is the root cause for a mass number of problems such as deliveries not arriving within expected timelines, reduced integrity of the parcel, increased likelihood of defects and the rising costs associated with last mile.

Dr. Arne also mentioned that the eCommerce sphere is experiencing an increase in demand and consumers are increasingly becoming dependent on eCommerce and incorporating it into their daily lives, presenting numerous growth potential for the ecosystem. Concurring with this point, Senthil talked about a new permanent seismic shift in eCommerce since the onset of the pandemic – where the depth and assortment of product lines being deemed “eCommerce worthy” continue to expand.  To cater to these new demands, organizations have to deal with additional complexities from a demand planning and fulfillment point of view such as reduced and fluctuating capacity over the years and issues related to labor shortage.

Senthil also went on to elaborate on some of the innovations in place from a customer experience, operational and fulfillment point of view. He emphasized that various optionalities for consumers (i.e. Click and Collect, Next-day Delivery) and a hybrid fulfillment solution (mix of in-house and outsourced) would work best in the current landscape which requires constant adaptation on an organization’s part. What would work best would depend on what sticks, is deployable upstream and downstream and is most cost efficient.

Janio would like to thank LogiSYM for the invitation to participate in this event and in the panel discussion to share our insights on eCommerce and last mile. We look forward to more partnership opportunities and in-person events in the coming months!

If you are keen to find out more about our cross-border delivery or our 4PL services, or would like to work together with us, do reach out to us via our contact page!