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Janio shares 2021’s Upcoming eCommerce Trends in Asia Valley’s Tren Penjualan 2021 Webinar

Janio is proud to support Malaysia's eCommerce scene via webinars sharing regional eCommerce insights and tips with partners like Asia Valley
Written by
Benedict Leong
Published on
April 1, 2021

Malaysia, 25th March 2021– On the 25th of March, Asia Valley organised a Bahasa Melayu language webinar to share 2021’s upcoming eCommerce trends and learning with Malaysian merchants. The webinar was organised in collaboration with Janio Asia, eCommerce enabler Zetpy, and digital marketing agency Ajaib Marketing who shared insights, tools and programmes available to Malaysian merchants to boost their cross-border eCommerce business in Southeast Asia.

The opening segment was presented by Hani Abd Aziz, eCommerce sales consultant from Zetpy, who shared tips on tools and platforms that are available to sell more easily on Shopee and Lazada and how they can be used. The next segment was by Illy Ariffin, Ajaib Marketing’s social media strategist who shared tips and insights about how Malaysian merchants can optimise paid social media advertising to gain more sales.

The closing segment was led by Janio Asia’s Malaysia Head of Commercial, Bryan Ong. Bryan shared Southeast Asian eCommerce insights such as which popular products Malaysian merchants can sell to the region. He also shared additional details such as the de minimis values of different countries in the region in addition to other programs offered by the Malaysian government to assist Malaysian merchants.

The webinar ended off with a question and answer session where participants asked questions related to shipping, shipping restrictions and how best to overcome them.

With recent events highlighting the importance of cross border eCommerce for merchants in Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia, we are collaborating with more partners like Asia Valley to plan more webinars and events to share tips and advice on how to bolster your cross-border eCommerce in the region and beyond. If you are keen to find out more about our work in Malaysia or you would like to work together with us, do reach out to us via our contact page!

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