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Janio’s Product Update: A Facelift for Bulk Orders & the Tracker Page

Written by
Amanda Lim
Published on
October 24, 2019
Updated on
July 10, 2023

Our product and tech team have been working hard to simplify and improve our systems, and we have a few exciting product updates to announce!

Janio’s Simplified Bulk Order System

Firstly, we managed to overhaul our previous bulk ordering system and to make it simpler.

The previous bulk order system required some manual inputs, such as splitting the CSV document by lane and uploading them individually. This latest update now allows you to submit orders to multiple lanes without splitting the original CSV files, saving you more time since you won’t need to upload separate files for individual lanes any longer.

While our previous update helped to address usability issues for single order submissions, this new system for bulk orders now allows clients with a bigger customer base to have an easier time on our dashboard!

Readable Error Messages

The previous error messages were confusing and sometimes reported wrong line numbers on the CSV files. Our product team addressed this by rephrasing every single error message so that it can be read in a sentence.

For instance, if you’re shipping domestically, this error message tells you to remove incoterms from your CSV file and try again. This should help minimise any other errors when resubmitting bulk orders on our dashboard.

More Updates on the Tracker Page

The tracker page is now mobile-centric to enable you and your end-customers to view the progress of their parcel on-the-go. However, the most important information will always be displayed first - the status of the parcel.

We’ve made this design choice because we understand that the Southeast Asian end-consumers you’re selling to are mobile-first, especially if they are Indonesian and Filipino.

However, we’re not done yet. Our product & tech teams are still looking into further improvements on the bulk upload and tracker page. If you have any further feedback concerning this, our services, or any other feature, feel free to reach out to us with your suggestions!

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