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Janio Product Updates Roundup Q1 2021

Written by
Benedict Leong
Published on
January 2, 2021
Updated on
June 20, 2023

Throughout 2020’s fourth quarter, Janio’s team has been hard at work improving our service portals and introducing new lanes, all developed to give your business an edge to and throughout Southeast Asia. We’ve since launched:

  1. New shipping lanes to the USA
  2. Merchant Portal Updates – Full-integration with Shopify and Order Creation Rules
  3. Tracker Updates

1. New shipping lanes to the USA

We want to help you to realize your business’s full potential by expanding your company’s reach to more markets. In 2020, we’ve launched new lanes from Malaysia and Singapore to the US to aid in your business expansion needs.

We’ve also released a series of articles related to international shipping to the USA, such as its de minimis rate, recent eCommerce trends along with restricted and prohibited items for import. You can check these out below:

2. B2C Merchant Portal Updates – Full-integration with Shopify and More

Janio is now integrated with Shopify

Needing to manage multiple aspects of your business from sourcing, marketing and logistics means that any time savings you can get are valuable. Our latest update helps you save time on order management as, our merchant portal is fully integrated with Shopify, which lets your Shopify customer orders update automatically in our portal.

Ship with One Click with Janio’s Order Creation Rules

Save time and effort needed when creating orders with our latest merchant portal update. This update lets you create automatic rules which help to pre-fill order creation fields, helping you save more time managing your Shopify shipment orders. These include automatically updating:

  • Item category depending on the item – such as Pantry and Packaged Food & Beverages for instant coffee
  • Pick up addresses for different origin and destination lanes
  • Length, width, and height rules for different ranges of packages
Janio merchant portal - parcel dimension rules for parcels between a certain weight range

3. A one-stop B2B portal for freight shipments (no major updates beyond what’s in the article)

Janio's B2B portal - list of shipments and their shipping status updates

We recognize the importance of an organized system in place when handling multiple shipments. Our all-in-one B2B portal helps your business by simplifying access to your shipping documents and keeping you up-to-date with freight shipment statuses within a single dashboard.

Janio's B2B Merchant Portal - track shipment history via a timeline

We understand how more granular visibility gives you more ability to monitor a freight shipment’s progress and pre-empt problems. We have developed a shipment history timeline to help you keep track of your shipment’s progress while also providing you with the option to you and your colleagues to sign up for email freight status notifications.

You can find more details on our B2B portal’s capabilities in this product update.

4. B2C Merchant Portal & Tracker Updates

Janio's tracker to show more streamlined and granular updates

The latest version of our tracker includes enhanced visibility and improved message clarity so that you and your customers will see only delivery information that matters: which part of the delivery journey it is at, and its location and time of the update.

To give you more granular visibility for your B2C parcel’s shipment progress, we have increased the number of potential updates from 45 to 69. We have also streamlined the tracker object to convey only information that matters. This includes which part of the delivery journey it is at, location and time. On the API side, we’ve made several performance improvements which have greatly increased the speed it fetches updates.

For more information, please go to In order not to disrupt any existing process or break any code, we will be maintaining the current version of the API until 1st Apr 2021. We look forward to better serving you with this new upgrade and any feedback you might have.

Our team is always looking for ways to enhance our logistics products and services for you. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you ship to and throughout Southeast Asia, or would like to request a quote, reach out to us:

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