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TechinAsia Indonesia: News Feature Jan 2020

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Published on
January 15, 2020
Updated on
June 28, 2023

Our CEO, Ng Jun Kai, was recently featured in TechinAsia’s Indonesian-language article “Tantangan bagi Startup Logistik in Indonesia: Pangkas Inefisiensi Industri” - which translates to “Challenges for Logistics Startups in Indonesia: Trimming Industrial Inefficiencies."

In the article, Jun Kai shared that some of the challenges faced by logistics startups working in Indonesia are the geographical challenge posed by the country being an archipelago and the inefficiencies caused by there being so many parties involved in even one shipment.

According to Jun Kai, one way that startups can make a difference is through utilising technology to attack inefficiencies in the logistics industry, and using data to optimise the performance of business operators in Indonesia on a national and regional level.

He mentioned: "Logistics startups should (preferably) seek to optimize existing capacity in the market, rather than openly competing with other operators." He also added “Capacity building is needed to serve the needs of consumers, especially by bringing production centres closer to their consumers.”

You can catch the full story at TechinAsia (free login required for full article)