Rapid International Scaling at a Reasonable Cost

15 - 20% Cheaper Rates, 97% On Time Service Levels

A global brand with a strong offline merchandise market share wanted to expand into B2C eCommerce channels in its Asia Pacific market for the first time.

While strong in traditional channels such as brick and mortar retail and distribution, the brand lacked the local infrastructure, logistics partner network, and local knowledge to expand rapidly in terms of direct-to-consumer delivery in several key markets.

1 Month to Onboard and Ramp Up Key Lanes

Janio finished the implementation of our client’s logistics requirements in our established key markets within a month.

In the first month, Janio fulfilled 1000 orders before ramping up to a steady 2,500 orders monthly from then on

Out-of-the-Box Returns Solutions

Janio’s out-of-the-box returns solution which allows consignees to easily organise return deliveries with little to no implementation burden to our clients

Better Rates and Speed: Optimising the First, Mid and Last Mile

Janio’s delivery optimisation helps us achieve 15 to 20 per cent cheaper rates for the brand while keeping service levels hitting 97% success rates.

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