Sift & Pick: Operational Double Delight

Sift & Pick brings uniqueness to Singapore by partnering with indie designer brands across the region. Learn how Janio helped them save operation time by two folds and deliver a delightful shopping experience.

Delivering Delight from the World to Singapore

Sift & Pick carries a wide variety of products originating from multiple countries like South Korea, Australia, and more. This translated to a wide and complex supply chain with multiple logistics providers to manage, costing the company a lot of man-hours and money.

Thankfully, this is no longer a worry since Janio came to the picture.


2x Time Saving through Integrated Supply Chain

Learn how Janio helped Sift & Pick move away from manual work, save operational time and do what they do best.

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Flexible & Modular Solutions

Just like Sift & Pick, you can complete your supply chain puzzle with Janio. Be it Freight, B2C, or combination of them, Janio delivers it in a cost-efficient manner.

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A Partner for Success

Beyond technology, we believe that human touch is essential in charting the region’s logistics landscape, and that’s exactly what Sift & Pick gets!

With Janio taking care of our logistics needs, we can focus on growing faster and expanding our ecosystem for these niche brands to grow together. - Alvin Loh - Head of Operations, Sift & Pick

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