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Streamlined Logistics: Evo Ecommerce's Cross-Border Triumph

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Evo Commerce, a Singapore-based startup, entered the market with two distinctive products: "BBack," a post-drinking recovery aid designed to alleviate hangovers, and "Stryv," a line of hair dryers and related products. Initially faced with challenges, Evo Commerce had only one logistic provider in Hong Kong, leading to dissatisfaction with missed/delayed delivery (missed SLA), customer complaints while still incurring non-competitive rates.


  • Founded in 2019
  • Monthly shipment value: USD XXX,XXX

Business Challenges:

  • Single vendor woes: Evo Commerce solely relied on one logistics provider in Hong Kong, resulting in SLA issues and customer complaints.
  • Competitive edge: The lack of competitive rates hindered Evo Commerce's growth and market penetration.

Janio's Logistics Solutions:

  • Guaranteed SLA: Janio stepped in, offering a guaranteed SLA, ensuring timely deliveries and customer satisfaction.
  • Market Expansion: Janio facilitated the expansion of Evo Commerce's product line, providing support for new launches and proposing Hong Kong fulfillment solutions.
  • Flexible Domestic Delivery and ad-hoc Service: Janio introduced flexible domestic delivery in Hong Kong without disclosing local vendors, allowing for seamless operations especially for ad-hoc service requests, i.e same day delivery for their key opinion leaders (KOLs) or event  promotion.
  • Preferred Courier Collaboration:Janio seamlessly integrated with Evo Commerce's preferred courier in Hong Kong (SF Express), ensuring higher guaranteed SLAs while enabling Evo Commerce to tap into Janio's existing network logistics partner, Morrison. 

This modular integration not only offered much more competitive rates but also exemplified the value of Janio's "plug-and-play" logistic solutions, which effortlessly harmonised with Evo Commerce's existing logistics workflow.


  • Commencement: The collaboration commenced in late February/early March, with Evo Commerce generating a monthly revenue of USD XX,XXX
  • Sales Increase: Despite previous setbacks, monthly revenue reached USD XXX,XXX with Janio continuing the logistics support and even handling ad-hoc requests such as same-day deliveries to the brand’s influencers within 24 hours.
  • Market Presence: Evo Commerce's products were exclusively sold on Shopify and HKTVmall initially, but with Janio's assistance, they expanded to one more additional offline marketplaces in June 2023.
  • Warehouse Solutions: Located in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, with capacity of 50, 000+ Square Feet and 14’ Ceiling Height, boasting a TAPA-ready warehouse security setup, the facility ensures excellent ventilation. Furthermore, it offers extensive experience in serving both B2B and B2C operations, supported by an in-house system for seamless workflow integration.

Janio's partnership, modular integration, and these comprehensive warehouse solutions have significantly contributed to the evolution of Evo Commerce's logistics and overall business success.

Positive Outcomes:

  • Customised Packaging: Janio offers customise packaging for Evo Commerce’s product Stryv for HKTVmall, elevating their brand image and commanding higher prices.
  • Brand Enhancement: The outer box redesign contributed to an improved brand image, mitigating the impact of previous negative customer reviews.
  • Value-Added Services: Janio provided value-added services such as label printing, safety mark and promotional materials adding value to Evo Commerce's overall logistics operation.

Future Plans:

  • Product Diversification:Currently boasting around 30 SKUs, Evo Commerce continues to expand its product range, both under the Stryv line and by introducing new health and lifestyle products. This strategic approach aligns with Evo Commerce's ongoing commitment to broadening its product portfolio and market presence.
  • Continued Collaboration: Evo Commerce and Janio are committed to optimising the supply chain flow for their existing market. This includes implementing inventory alerts, a proactive approach initiated by Janio, which informs the client of inventory levels. This not only enhances the efficiency of B2B deliveries from Singapore to Hong Kong but also results in significant cost savings and inventory security, further strengthening their partnership.
  • Market Expansion: Evo Commerce has ambitious plans to expand its market presence into Malaysia and Taiwan, aligning with its vision for regional growth. By tapping into these markets, Evo Commerce aims to further solidify its position in the Southeast Asian region.

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Janio is honored to have been a part of Evo Commerce's remarkable transformation. Our comprehensive logistics solutions and value-added services have contributed to increased sales, market presence, and overall customer satisfaction, and we're grateful for the opportunity to support Evo Commerce in achieving these results.

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Roy Ang - Co-Founder & CEO - Evo Commerce

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