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Janio's Product Update New Order Submission System

Written by
Amanda Lim
Published on
June 28, 2019
Updated on
June 20, 2023

Our product and tech team has put together a new update for our ordering system. If you liked our new look for the parcel tracker, you’ll love this update even more! This quarter, we’ve been busy making the order submission system easier to use. Let’s walk you through how to use the new form.

Janio’s New Order Submission Form

Previously, our order form was all in one page, making the form lengthy and hard to use especially if you wanted to check for any missing fields. While you could have the ability to submit multiple orders using a CSV file, merchants with a small order volume would struggled to key in details accurately.

As we all know, the first mile for B2C cross-border shipping is just as crucial as the last, so we’ve heard your feedback and frustrations about the old form and are working to address them.

To make navigation easier, we’ve organised the form into 4 simplified pages to make the submission process more user-friendly. We’ve also added a new feature to save default pick-up locations & shipping lanes, reducing the amount of manual input needed.

Adding Your Pickup Addresses & Default Values

To save you more time when entering your delivery information, we’ve configured our form to store default pick-up points and shipping lanes. With this new process, you can set up your default pick-up address such as your office or warehouse.

These features can be accessed on the left tab under “Configure Default Values” and “Pickup”.

The default values can also store information like your shipment’s size and item category as well.

Select your Pick-up Address & Shipping Lanes

Once you’ve set up the default values, you can select them from your list of pick-up locations. The form will populate the values automatically, and you’re still given the choice to change your shipping lanes if needed. This should save you the hassle of keying in your address multiple times if you have orders coming in dribs and drabs.

Click “Save and Continue” when you’re done.

Key In Your Customer’s Details

Type your customer's name, email, phone number, and address here. Then, click “Save and Continue”.

Add Details About your Shipment

Key in the necessary information about the products being sent to your end-customer. You may add multiple product items if needed. Once that is done, click “Save and Continue”

You’ll also notice that the details about the size of your shipment have been populated too. You can still edit them here if necessary.

Then, you can select the cash-on-delivery (COD) payment option if your customer has indicated that they want to pay by cash.

Our default choice for the payment of duties is DDP. If you select DDU, your parcel will be held in destination customs until an arrangement is made to pay for any import duties and taxes. Learn more about the difference between DDU/DAP and DDP in our article.

Submit Your Order & Download your Shipping Label

You’re done! Now you can use our automatically generated shipping label to paste on your parcel for shipment. For the best practices in labelling your parcels for shipment, check out our guide to labelling international shipments.

We hope you like the new look on the order submission form. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates from us as we’re always updating our technology in order to serve you better. We’re always open to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

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